And We Meet Again, Passionate Lover

embrace into an helix     pull back like

ends of a rubber band     to taste the

saltiness in our eyes   

then slammed back together

& our tongues are honey

hands fumbling the purses      of our mouths for

wet keys      in an escapade to

unlock the wild

fires in our bodies   

as masquerades       of longing pursue us

& they capture us    smack us to erections   

aching erections pulsing      in massaging hands

& masquerades fling their garments away    is revealed as our fires

is me pressing you      to the wall 

branding tingles     into your earlobes

nape    nipples   navel

is you pegging me into you  

exploding moans   sweet shrapnels to my ears

melodious massages to my body      rocking back and forth

our humph fuck aarghh     yeah baiby yeah

crescendoing seconds into minutes        sealing

our destinies as dams in a deluge    breaking banks of ecstasy

knee jerking vibrations to

flood of fabdgdgyjkifjhjsghj

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gushes    spurts   & aaaaaaaaarrhhhhh


Ishola Abdulwasiu Ayodele writes from Kwara State, Nigeria. He is an alumnus of ANA/Yusuf Ali Creative Writing Workshop and Transcendence Poetry Masterclass. His works have been published on Brittle Paper, Kalahari Review, African Writer and elsewhere. He tweets @isholaabdulwasi

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