when they say everyone
with a sweet heart
deserves a sweetheart // i reckon on

a ho(l)e fixated to my fist
stretching far wide to where
my tongue dare not reach—suckling
on the nectar abreast

a job for a heavyweight boxer, his
scrotum; the punching bag
loaded with grains from the
fixated ho(l)e & when a sl(o)t is open

to blow him, he blows back
with a fist riddled with
saliva & he does not moan // for this
is no time for kiss of death


Nigerian poet Olaitan Humble is a pacifist who likes to collect quotations and astrophotos. His poem, “For The Ones Who Never Returned” won Loudthotz’s S11E03 Poem of the Month (March, 2020). He was shortlisted for EarnestWrites’ Poetry Prize Awards (2020). His works are featured and/or are forthcoming in Gabi Magazine, Konya Shamsrumi, Poemify Magazine, Cultural Weekly, The Quills, The Lens Media, Loudthotz, Wanderlust Literary Journal, First Gong Anthology, A Country of Broken Boys Anthology and elsewhere. He believes poetry heals better than time and tweets @olaitanhumble.

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