I leave again
the same way I came—
the Lord on an ass entering into Jerusalem.
The wind still whispers your name.
Inside my heart, a tree bends to the wind’s voice.
The tree of my heart waves its leaves
in homage to your glorious song.
I imagine your body and mine descending
into love’s abyss to fetch lights—
rainbows gathering into sweats on our brown skins
as we collide in a unified symphony.
I imagine you a river and I a boat.
Either the boat drowns or sails on the river,
it belongs to water.
I leave as I came— my heart skipping
like rams at the sight of verdure.
It is you who makes my heart skip.
River for my boat, I belong to you.
You have conquered my body
with all that good wild fire of your body.


Kolawole Samuel Adebayo is an old soul in a young Nigerian body whose poems seek to awaken the human consciousness. His works have appeared in Lucent Dreaming, Glass Poetry, Button Poetry, Voicemail Poems, Mineral Lit Mag, Praxis Magazine, Kreative Diadem, and elsewhere. Kolawole is a poetry reader at Feral Journal, Vermont, USA. You can connect with him on Twitter @samofthevoice.

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