Evaluating passion in six movements.



Come and eat me, says the text

That strolled into my phone from yours.

In no time, I am at the door, waiting

To partake in the forthcoming breaking of the bread.



We begin by touching ourselves softly,

& then by slowly unfurling our clothes.

Your straps gave way, slowly, light poured

Into us.



I confess that your body transcended

As the glossolia engulfed you whilst

My tongue torched your clits —God was in this place.



Later, I began to ache

into you and you Into me.

I called your name several times

From behind. Each time, you answer,

Matching my rhythm.



Soon, paradise overtakes us

& we descend heaving

in that darkness.



It is morning, our brown bodies lay

clustered in fellowship. If tomorrow forbids us,

forget my name

but not the testament our body holds.



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Pèlúmi Sàlàkọ́ was born on a Sunday in January. He writes from North Central, Nigeria where he studies. His writings have appeared or are forthcoming in Jacarpress, Ngiga Review, the rising Phoenix review, elsewhere. He co-edits the Zango Review. He tweets @Salakobabaa

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Evaluating passion in six movements by Sàlàkó Olúwapèlúmi Francis

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