on a woman’s body is a map

and there are twenty-two thousand ways

for me to trace my destination.


i’ll find you in darkness

we’ll form a nest of dusk under the wings of the moon


my hands will walk over you,

from your cheeks, to your mouth,

to the farmland on your bosom,

i’ll pass the narrow lane in between

do not mind if i grip and feel the ridges.


my palms will travel over you

grope gently over your abdomen

down to your hidden navel,

my tongue will make footpaths

from your navel down, down, and down

no noise, silent moan,

we must not wake the silent night


and when my finger dives into you

i trust you’ll hold tight the mattress

thrust out your waist, fantasize your moans

tell me not to stop, tell me ‘please, keep travelling over my body.’


these are ways to spell love on your body.

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Ololade Akinlabi Ige is a young Nigerian poet, a graduate of OAU. He was a nominee for Nigeria Writers Award 2017 and a two time winner of Poet in Nigeria 10-day poetry Challenge. He emerged as second runner up in Youth Shades international poetry contest in 2017. He was shortlisted for Albert Jungan poetry prize in 2018. Same year, he won the last edition of Ken Egba Poetry prize organized by PIN.

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