Even when death loosens the
bolt of love I still want to be
there with you, unshaken,
unruffled by the gale of the
world that threatens to separate
us. I want to be your fire and smoke,
the love that spins your heart like a coin,
the love that calms the rage of your emotion, the love that settles in your
heart, undisturbed. Forever I promise
to breathe your name and smell of your touches no matter the distance between us, no matter how far my feet will take me to find you, Beloved. Forever I promise to hold the moon for you to see the sky. But it is needless–I mean watching the moon spread like a blanket in the sky.
Because the light in your eyes surpasses the frail glow of the moon, and each trace of your touches on my skin is a healing,
a salvation, a poem that remains incomparable, timely, eternal like
the taste of your kisses on my lips.

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Rasaq Malik is a graduate of the University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria. His poems have appeared in Nigerian Newspapers and online literary journals such as ONE, Sentinel, Saraba,  Michigan Quarterly Review, Poet Lore, Spillway etc. 

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