I claimed the carcass of your touches from my memory.
Unfolding each of them to make sure they weren’t broken.
I unfold the memory of your eyes.
How without touch you feed my body with hunger,
Urgently aching for the feel of your hands.

I see the memory of your fingers racing across my skin,
Trying to find the tremors underneath my mine.
I feel your weight on my skin,
Your hot breath across my breasts.
I remember the callousness of your palms,
& the fiction it Sparks across my skin.

I know how your lips quiver,
when I grant you entrance.
How you swallow my mouth to tease your racing heart.
I reel in how your thrusts,
Pull my ecstasy to submission.

I close the service,
Leaving your memories scattered.
The evidence of your carcass rains down,
Across my sheets.


Oghenetega Grey is young girl that writes from somewhere in Nigeria. She spends most of her time painting pictures of the worlds within her in ink. Her poem “Wailing mother” was shortlisted for the 2019 Nigerian Students Poetry Prize(NSPP). You can reach her at

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