Heaven Bleeds of Moan


A bird unfurls from a distance;

a horny moon crashes it body

against the ribs of the sky,

darkness consumes the earth into quietude

in the eyes of four legs folding the world

in a dark room;

a girl undresses her nipples with the touches

of an untitled boy,

a boy fumigates his labial with the fragrance of

an anonymous girl’s mammary gland.

she defiles her mother’s body with his fingers

In her voice,

he remolds the crest underneath her abdomen into

the face of a city darkened by his dreams.

he releases the angel stuck between her laps with

the devil in his semen, she sucks & sucks

the earth on his lips

until heaven bleeds of moans drowning the body of God.




Odukoya Adeniyi Stephen is an undergraduate studying English and Education at the Obafemi Awolowo university. His poem “food is peace” was part of the winning poems for PIN food poetry prize. His poem “confession” was part of the Nigeria student poetry prize 2019 top 100 longlist.

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