When you hold the furs on my head,
And spin and tilt my neck sedately
Like Adele plays at the mercy of “Someone like You”.

You spin and tilt my neck like that,
Like Adele plays at the mercy of “I’ll set fire to the rain”.
You come around like a phoenix cupping these highlands like that,
You make me wet.

I lean backward, half descended like a baby in a cradle.
A statement becomes of our ruffled breaths, our voices interlaced with
Fever, and droplets of hunger and promises dance in our gazes.
How do you write the alphabets sideways?

You lower your face, plant sweet pollens in my lips,
I swim in an ocean of desires –
Desires strong as tempests.

You grab my tits, lower your chin again
And we let our lips wander through the tundras of flesh
Consumed by the Bacchus of devotedness.

You reach beneath touched trees called beyond,
Sucking and sending tonnes of telegrams.
You slipped inside with the great feet of an eel
Guarded by two strong pillars,
Between them is heaven in bold letters.

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Priye Gift Johnson is a Nigerian writer.  An emerging poet from Warri, Delta State, she presently studies English and Literature in the University of Benin. She’s a co-administrator of the poetry groups ‘Free Poetic Universe’ and The Hands of Poem Writers’ on Facebook where she keeps the pseudo “Priye Ruby Johnson (Kebbina)” and has “Kebbina’s Indulgence” signed to all her works on social media. She’s talkative when happy.

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