Home Alone

I wrote my feelings on the seashore
hoping the wave will wash it to you someday.
On nights I couldn’t sleep
I selected you like a song on my playlist,
increase the volume of your heartbeat so I could hear you miles away like
a crescendo of love songs.
For what I feel is not plain sheet poetry.
It’s a storm & my body
has become a harbor where desires come to dock
& like siren I can feel their Cadence in my head.

There is a whirlwind of thoughts in my mind about you.
In my heart is a room where they are incubated and birth to life.
My soul is having an affair with the melodies churning out from the rhythm.
The lyrics are aligning in puns,
my mind has become a porn site punching me with images
& memories you’ve created with your absence.

Locked in my bones are desires crisscrossing with the storm in my head.
Like an athlete, blood swiftly run through my veins,
i can hardly hold the tempo that echo’s from my temple.
Dear Lover,
missing you is like drinking coffee
Its keeps me awake, alive
& a little more in love with you.

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Solomon Sunday (The Pen Healer) is a Nigerian poet, writer & IT consultant. His works have been featured in The Quills, Nantygreen, Neuro Logical & others.

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