Luke 23:34


The curves and bumps of her body,

Are testaments of God’s artistry.


I thought, to milk i was allergic,

Till i tasted the product from the two factories,

Rising on the soft plains of her chest.


In her i found home,

Within her fleshy legs, i found paradise.

Where i wish to hide till forever.


I thought i would always be immortal,

Until her soft fingers landed on my body,

That slowly drained the life in me.


I had vowed to be a holy monk,

Until i set my eyes on her dancing behind,

At that moment, I dropped my rosary to touch myself.


People asked why i am not holy like Jesus,

I said, if Jesus could see what i witnessed,

Trust me, he will never die as a virgin.


Luke 23:34

Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”

And i said Dear God, forgive me, for i know not what I am doing.

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The author of this poem, Muhammad A. Kabeer, popularly known as Kab Tex is a 300L social studies student of university of Ilorin, he is a young writer, who is aspiring to be published writer. He loves to write to explore the events and happenings of the society. He had a poem (Coffee)  published in Jide Badmus’s coffee anthology. 

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