Jide Badmus is an electrical engineer, inspired by beauty and destruction; he believes that things in ruins were once beautiful.

Jide explores themes around sensuality and healing. His literary philosophy is wrapped around ambiguity and brevity.

He is the author of There is a Storm in my Head, Scripture, and Paper Planes in the Rain; curator of Vowels Under Duress and Coffee poetry anthologies.

Badmus writes from Lagos, Nigeria. You can reach him on twitter @bardmus, IG @instajhide, & email jidebadmus@gmail.com




Keem Tunde is a writer intrigued by people and places. His works have appeared in The Kalahari Review, Naked Convos and a few other places. He lives in Lagos and can be found via twitter @dekunlejnr; where he rants about the city – Lagos.




Obasa Funmilayo is a poet and photographer searching for ways to speak with her images and metaphors. Her words tend to paint her imaginative sentiment of people & equality [for all], desires, emotions, attractions, fears, denials and opinions in obscure and abstract manners. As she searches for more homes, a few of her works have featured in the Bodies and Scars anthology & Cephalopress journal. On twitter she materializes as @funmi796 & funmi796@gmail.com is her email address.




Phunsho Oris has been creating poetry and investing in poetic legacies for more than 25 years. As poet, critic, anthologist and curator of exploratory poetic styles, he focuses on using poetry as a tool of influence and change. He has written the foreword to many prominent poetry collections. He holds Masters in Literature, Communication and Psychology. He is the co-author of “State of the State: Sordid Beatification”.




Michael Ace is a writer and poet from Nigeria. He has authored two poetry chapbooks titled Sermon From A Stammerer and Scarlet Silk. 

His poems have also appeared on Praxis Magazine, Lunaris Review, Kalahari Review, African Writer, Wildsound Review, Sub-Saharan Magazine, Jacar Press, Agbowo and elsewhere.

He is a Computer Scientist with a great passion for Art and Literature. He is a curator of anthologies and contests, including Pun Poetry Contest, 2018, Growth Contest, 2018, Wakanda: Rewriting Africa, 2018, In my father’s house anthology, 2017, Healing Hands, 2016 and many more.

Micheal is the CEO and Founding Editor of ACEworld (Publishers & Magazine).