We went into the classroom and the bell was ranged and we finished the rest of our lessons for the day. I packed my books into my bag preparing to go home. Marry was also packing her books”so you won’t tell me why you left your former school?”marry brought up the topic again. “That school was like hell to me”I paused looking at marry who was surprised at the statement I just made. “You mean a school was like hell? How is that possible?”Mary asked me looking curious. “I was been bullied all my days in that school, each day in that school suffocates me”I said with tears almost running down in my eyes. I raised up my head holding it back”so it’s like that, sorry for reminding you of those painful memories”Mary said in a pitiful voice “it’s ok now because I have you”I said smiling. Mary smiled “lets go”mary said as she stood up flinging her bag at her back. I stood up and we head out of the classroom. We are finally out of the school building “I still need to tell you a lot about this school”Mary said. “About the guys we met during break, those three are the hottest and richest boys in the school. and as you can See they are f—–g rude and arrogant”Mary said looking at me “and who are the two other boys”I asked her. “Sammy and Victor are also from a rich family, Sammy is very brilliant and always comes first place in class and for Victor”she stop and smiled to her self, “why do you stopped?”I asked her “hmm hmm, don’t tell me you like him”I said tapping her shoulder playfully. “No way, I just…. “She was blushing. “Yes I know you like him, you are blushing already”I said teasing her. “Yes he was my crush since the first day I saw him”she said facing down. Smiled and we walked on.
I sat in the living room with my mum and my little brother ken “how was you day in school”my mum asked. “It was good and I love it”I replied. “I know you will like it”she said smiling. We are average class not that rich and not poor. I went to my room sat on the stood beside my bed I brought out my books and did my assignments. Then went to bed early because of school tomorrow.
I entered the building of the school and walked to my class to drop my bag in the locker. It’s still early and some students are not yet in school . I decided to walk around the school compound. I walked towards the library and saw Sammy one of Mick’s friend, I looked away pretending I didn’t see him”hey girl”he called standing in front of me”you mean me” I said pointing at my self. “Yes you” I then glanced at him and looked away” you are the girl we met yesterday, I guess you are new”he said looking at me”sorry for my friend attitude towards you yesterday, I will apologize on his behalf”he said in a friendly tone”oh don’t worry” I said
“My name is Sammy, and you are… “He asked looking at me for response “am Nicky,nice meeting you”.
“Where are you heading to”he asked looking back “to the library”i said pointing towards the library “ok see you around”he said in a friendly tone and walked away. I took a deep breath and walked into the library.
Mary was reading a novel and I was seating beside her “let’s go and catch some snacks “Mary said closing her novel and putting it back into her locker”should we”I replied smiling at her. We went outside the classroom and headed to the school compound.
“I heard senior Mick is having his birthday party this Saturday”Mary said smiling “and so”I said not looking at her”hmm he also invited some students and it’s going to be a big party”
“So are you also going?”I asked “If am invited”she said in a low voice. “If you are invited you will attend?And I know why you want to attend “I said smiling “what are you thinking”she asked tapping me playfully on my shoulder “hmm to see Victor I think”I said in a playful tone and walked fast ahead of her, she laughed and run after me.
We were preparing to go home, Mary and I was walking out of the school building when Sammy came to us. “Hy”he greeted. Mary looked back to see if he was greeting another person. “Hy”I replied. “Am inviting you to a friend’s birthday party”Sammy said smiling. “Whose birthday party” I asked in surprise.
“Mick’s”Sammy replied.
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