“I will really love it if you attend the party”he said and drew out an envelope from his pocket and hand it over to me. “Thanks”I said as I took the envelope from him. He walked to a black range Rover sport, his driver opened it for him he hopped in and they zoomed out of the school compound.”wow I can’t believe my eyes and ears, Sammy invited you to the party himself? Unbelievable”mary said full of surprises “how do you guys met?”mary asked me curiously. I told her everything and how he apologize on behalf of his friend.
After school hour, Mary came to my house to do her assignment together with me. We were in my room “so what are we wearing tomorrow”mary asked smiling “should we go shopping tomorrow”she added “I don’t feel like going to that party”I said dropping my pen on my book”why do you say that? av u forgotten senior Sammy invited you himself?”Mary said looking sad “ok let me ask my mum if she allows me”I said packing my books back into my bag.
Mary and I finally went to the party. It took place in Their compound, the house was huge and beautiful, the compound was decorated with beautiful flowers and the pool there too was large. The place looked beautiful and expensive. Everyone dressed good wearing expensive designs. I was wearing a pink mini gown with a blue high hills. Mary and I walked to join the party, when Sammy and his friends were coming toward us”hy nicky, av been looking around for you,I thought you won’t attend “Sammy said facing me. “Did you invite her?”victor said looking at Sammy. “Yes I invited her”Sammy replied “since he invited you guys,you can join the party and have a nice day”victor said. Mick was looking at me wieldy but he looked away immediately our eyes met. What is he staring at? I asked myself.
Mick POV:
I was thinking why this girls attended my party, and who invited them. Then sammy said hy to the girls.
I wonder why he invited them to my party. I looked at her and I can’t take my eyes off her oh my God she is d–n sexy. Her gown was fitted and was showing her curves she looks beautiful in those dresses She looked at me and I quickly glanced away “let’s go guys”I said as I was walking ahead of them “I will come to you guys later”Sammy said smiling they walked along with Mick.
Nicky’s POV:
They walked along with Mick like a bodyguard. “Oh my God can’t you see Victor? He is so handsome”mary said looking at them. “I love his voice just like the voice of an angel”she added. I looked at her smiling as we walked to the party to join the crowd. A girl holding glass of wine bumped into me and the content in the glass cup fell on my cloth “oh my God am so sorry”the girl apologized cleaning my cloth with a napkin”you should watch your way”mary said raising her voice at the girl “it’s okay I will clean it off “I said dusting my gown. I excused myself from Mary “please I need to go to the and wash this off”I told mary “okay I will wait here”she said. I walked toward a woman standing with a tray on her hand “please ma, I need to use the bathroom”I said. She directed me there and left. I entered the bathroom everything looked expensive and nice i washed the wine off with water. I left the bathroom to go back to mary I was walking by the pool and then I saw Mick coming “there he comes again”I murmured to myself I wants to turn back to avoid him then I missed a step and I was going to trip into the pool when I felt someone grabbed me by my arm and pulled me back from the pool. I hold him tight not to fall, he held my waist with one hand and the other hand at my shoulder. Mick! I thought to my self His face is very close to mine,I feel like my check is burning seriously as I held my breath”be careful ” he said in a romantic tone.
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