Forget death, taste my lips. I’d intoxicate
you with the life that flows therein.
I’d touch you so softly, the seconds shall
still – afraid to move from now lest
they break the charm we weave. Now.
Forget forever, hold me close. I’d get you drunk
in the dip of my waist and the valley within.
Like a madman you’d gulp off this sanity. Now.
Forever would taste like poison to you.
I’d be your now. The seconds of your breaths
The minutes of your heartbeat
The hours of your pulse. Me. Now.
I’d be this moment. Now.
The sun on your face. The air licking your
body. The bees kissing your pollen.
Me. Now.
Forget distance, hold me tighter. I’d inebriate
you with the coffee in my eyes. Till the miles
blend into the space between our skins
– nonexistent. And the kilometers dance
between our tongues locked in an embrace
I’d be as close as you, I’d be you. Now.
In this moment. Now.

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Habeebatu x! (Queen of Muse) is presently rounding off her medical study at the Bayero University, Kano. She is a poet whose poems capture the extraordinary beauty of love and its timelessness. She is a member of a number of poetry groups and has recited her poems in different gatherings in the past. She is currently working on a collaborative #lovepoemsproject# with Rasaq Malik Gbolahan

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