in all my reveries/i tune my breath/to suit your melody

– K.Y. Robinson

i find myself falling into reveries lately
to escape the darkness.
this world siphons my sanity
& leaves me suffocating.
i’m dying to enrich myself of your touch /
to quench my hunger for your lips.
in my reverie, i’m not seeking safety behind a wall,
i’m in your arms, a hostage to the soothing beats of your heart.
i’m not trembling because of a number on the screen,
i’m burning with an unrelenting desire,
like lava switched places with my lungs.
i’m not expelling my emotions onto blank pages /
journals / poems
i’m not a dark cloud hanging in the sky,
i’m the starry night you gaze at & smile
like a tumor of glee swells in your heart.


Praise Osawaru is a Nigerian writer, (performance) poet, & wannabe entrepreneur studying at the University of Benin, Nigeria. His works have appeared in African Writer, Kreative Diadem, Ngiga Review, Perhappened Magazine, Praxis Magazine & elsewhere. He was longlisted for African Writers Award 2019 & shortlisted in the 2019 Kreative Diadem Creative Writing Contest. When he isn’t over-worrying about the life he’s reading, or binge-watching. Say hello on Instagram/Twitter: @wordsmithpraise

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