Sacred Place


Between the confluence of your legs,

Rest a sacred place,

A treasure waiting to be seek and explored.


Two succulent fruits,

To be plucked, sucked and devour.

A virgin land layered to mowered,

Ploughed, ridged and cultivated.


The two pointed mountains,

Are a site of mass attraction.

As a tourist, I am keen to climb and hike

till they fall flat like the wall of Jericho.


The tight hole between your legs,

Is a land of many mysteries,

Drier than a desert, tighter than the needle’s eye.

Holy, unexplored by any explorer.


With my firmly standing rod, i will find way,

Thrusting deep in and out rigorously,

Till we both swim in oceans of sweats.


I am moses, the lord of the staff,

With the slight touch of my miracle,

I will open my path in your red sea,

And i will keep thrusting till I reach the promised land.




Muhammad A. Kabeer is a 300L social studies student of the University of Ilorin. He is a young writer and an aspiring author . He loves to write to explore the events and happenings of the society. He had a poem (Coffee)  published in Jide Badmus‘s curated coffee anthology. 

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