First we await the Arrival of the night

When the sun, a toddler goes to her ancient bed


Then we undress our thoughts like stars dancing to the beat of a ravaging night


Our skins become a room without view

Our throats . Swallows earth songs as our eyes create entries to pleasure


The moon walks into quietude  :

watches a girl fitting perfectly into the carved picture of a boy’s desire . How she bravely walks in & the boy hangs his salvation on her body


& the way they find sweetness on the lips of each other, as he unveils the sun under her tongue

As he makes her body fiddle in wants :

burning bodies, melting into each other

Voices cracking, moaning dancing Softly


& words becoming butterflies, learning to fly

– a bird reopens her throat to sing.

For nights like this are tents of prayer

For flowers wet, ready to blossom

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-nights like this are classes for boys learning to live

Her body is a matchstick, & mine a candle

Her body is a highway, & riding all night is a way to make god rise to Accept worships


I have been a part of this symphony

Searching for redemption in dynamic playlist of songs

& riding through these dry but fulfilling roads betwixt beautiful thighs

& hearing sweet moaning is a way to stay alive

& making silence weep as the tongue blows the two trumpets on her chest –

A call to heaven.



Adeyeye James Oluwatobi is an Electrical /Electronics Engineer and a poet. He explores the intersection between human conditions and faith in his works. He was listed among the top 100 poets for the 2019 Nigerian Students Poetry Prize. His works have featured in many anthologies and journals


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