Sin city


Goodbye to righteousness

Was the sign at its entrance

In this city, bodies bask in fire

without been burned

Men are engineers

constructing the pathway

that unlocks the sacred latchets

Women are architects

they form tectonics of moans to fit their desires

Men are bricklayers

Laying the foundation of touches

and moulding breasts into aura of passion

Their faces lit buried in the scent of cascading hairs

They are always intoxicated with raw ardour

The consumers of ready made goods

with the slime of satisfaction

consumed with hearts pulsating

trading body for body

with sweats and passion burning

to feel the air with calm tension

We unclad to dance through the soul gates

to relive the unending satiety of heaven and hades

Welcome to the world of unending lust

Welcome to sin city!




Adedayo Ademokoya is a poet and writer who believes everyone should have a right to express themselves. Some of his works have appeared on Brave Arts Africa, Praxis magazine, Kalahari Review, Wild Word, The Rising Phoenix Review and elsewhere.

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