if at any time you become thirsty, 
reach for your shelf and fetch me: a bottle of tequila. 
hold me to your face and strip me of my wrappings, 
hold me to the light and watch as I
radiate in holy lustfulness.

i am an unholy communion, 
kneel before me and take my glory in your mouth. 
hold my head between your lips and 
savour my very taste on your tongue. 
remember, i am the one being worshipped
hold your knees to the ground and watch
as i fulfil my destiny through stifled moans. 

it is wrong to rush a bottle of tequila so
do not rush me. sway your head back and forth as i
release thousands of sparkling bubbles inside your mouth.
slap your eyes shut and feel
the warmth of my seeds against your tongue. 

tequila cums in three shots, 
so gently part your lips and receive 
my seeds 
 in their full glory.


Animashaun Ameen, is a Nigerian poet and essayist. His writings are mostly centered on grief, sexuality and identity. His works have appeared/forthcoming in Agbowo, Libretto Magazine, Poetry Nation, The Young African Poets Anthology and elsewhere. He lives and writes from Lagos. An oddball. A butterfly. He tweets @Animashaunameen. Facebook: Animashaun Ameen

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