The Aftermath of a Kiss

Unlike our first meeting, tonight was no accident. You came with the zest of a throttle—lips crashed into each other & sparks flew off in our mouths.

I felt you on my tongue, warm blanket of honey, soft on my taste buds. A kiss is a trapdoor—I latched onto you & we delved into a world of secret pleasures.

We pulled away—reluctantly—to peel off the fabrics in our way. You stood before me pure caramel-skinned beauty & the fireballs in your eyes called for urgency.

Tonight we are as geologists unearthing sensual treasures or as astrologers searching for the moon in a dark room. We are a dawn hatching, waiting to burn.



you whet my appetite
with almond eyes on
custard face

& leavened loaves
set on a tray
of chest.

your lips are crisp
biscuits &
your teeth beneath them
are white as porcelain

your body is a buffet—
beverage of smile,
morsel of delight…

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We are gifted with the
passion of bulldozers,
driven to break down
estates of desires—
pull off props & tops,
crash through walls &
bring Babel
to its knees.

Jide Badmus

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