The feminist says I am superior


I breathe once, hunger breathes

quadrupled. I ask a feminist

to go on all four, stick myself


in her face. I let her sink & spin,

her hands are less tender

still they roam into the atlas


my body, a gust, floating above

myself. I find home in saliva, I come

my brain accompanies the coconut


open-mouthed sun, burial at sea,

the clouds squint their eyes

in forbidden, picture god, nude


fulfill desires to birth a universe

Sinner with the clothes I wear,

jesus has risen in Nazareth


come again, saviour is beneath,

in flames, and lean into the eyes

of your birth clouds. Inhale moons


ride thunders, be struck, call out

to angels shrouded in blood, as

you the feminist say I am superior.




Aremu Adams Adebisi is a Nigerian writer, a graduate of Economics, and a Best of the Net Nominee. His works are influenced by both human and natural vastness in relation to life’s statements about his five older sisters. He’s had recent poems in the Scriblerus, Third Wednesday Magazine, RIGOROUS, Buddy a lit. zine, the Account Magazine, among other journals. 

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