The bonnet was slowly going creak on creak. Friction was amazing but you still held on to the little opening between the bonnet and windscreen.

The tires made struggling sounds. Your movement seemed like you were moving to a song by Taylor Swift.

The headlights cast a shadow of my legs on the road, crazy how I was standing and you were still so close.

It was unwise to go completely naked, we might just need a quick getaway. So that half worn silk pants kept bringing you back down as I pushed you back up.

Your nails got the paint off the car, it was a struggle between the car, you and I. The sounds became louder. “Faster, faster”, I couldn’t tell if it was your voice or my mind.

I felt it coming, you felt it too. Your hands went in separate directions expecting a gift from the heavens. It was a long night of uncensored passion under the moonlight.

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V.T. Ahonsi is a freelance writer with the pseudonym v.T.a (Lagos_poet), he has numerous published articles on several platforms. As a gifted writer, he not only puts his gift to use in writing different genres of articles, he is also known for his poetry skills, hence the name “Lagos_poet”. He expects to join the league of published authors soon, with a few of his unpublished works waiting to leave his shelf.

Ahonsi is active on his social media pages with the handles @Lagos_poett on twitter and Victor Temiloluwa Ahonsi on Facebook.

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