by Lucy (Ohio)

I parked my car next to my boyfriend’s modest apartment complex.I stumbled out of the car in my black thin heels and tugged at the bottom hem of my form-fitting dress. It was much shorter and more revealing than I was used to, and I could feel the wind against my thick ass and bare cunt.

Something twisted in my stomach- anxiety and lust. Holding on tightly to the railing, I made my way up to my boyfriend’s dad’s apartment and knocked twice, hoping that his dad was gone for the night. A large-framed man with speckled dark hair invited me in. John’s dad raised his eyebrows and caught his dark eyes on my overflowing chest.

“Is John in right now?” I asked, blushing profusely.

“He’ll be out for a couple more hours. I can’t imagine he’ll keep such a mature lady waiting too long,” he said, placing his hands over his quickly growing prick. Over his shoulder, in the one-bedroom bachelor pad, their muscular, wolf-like Great Dane licked his downstairs profusely.

I giggled and pointed behind him.

“You like Fezzik?” He asked, looking back behind him.

I blew a kiss at the distracted pooch. “No…I love him! He’s such a handsome stud.”

John’s dad licked his lips and slid his calloused warm hand to cup my ass. “Then you wouldn’t mind watching him while I go run a few errands? Mind you, he’s a little mischievous. He’s not a prized breeding dog for no reason!”

He laughed, and I smiled politely, confused. I was far too aroused by the masculine scent in the room to remove the much older man’s wandering hand. I nodded quickly, silently begging with my eyes for him to move his hand from squeezing and pinching my thighs to fingering my wet cunt.

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With a knowing glance to my erect nipple poking through the thin fabric of my dress, he led me to the coach and shut the door behind him. He whistled to Fezzik, who hopped over the top of the coach into my lap, nearly knocking me off the couch. Now, pinned down by this beast of a dog, I was helpless to his feverish tasting and sniffing. I giggled uncontrollably and secretly enjoyed his interest in my neck’s sweet spot. Giving him more access, the stud play-bit me and I moaned softly.

“Guess he approves of the new meat,” John’s dad said, winking and fidgeting with the bookshelf.

I laughed and scratched Fezzik behind his ears.

“By the way, how old are you?”

I bit my lip as Fezzik nuzzled into the deep cleavage in my dress. “Just turned eighteen.”

Smiling mysteriously, John’s dad finally left and I quickly eased my nipples out of my dress’ neckline.

They stuck out like eraser buds, begging for stimulation. I looked over at the counter and conveniently found peanut butter waiting for me.

Pushing Fezzik off gently, I bent over with my ass out to rub peanut butter on the most sensitive areas of my chest. Within seconds, I felt a wet nose assault my ass, soon followed by a textured wet tongue. Waves of pleasure and arousal radiated through my body. I’d never wanted to have my ass eaten before but now I needed his animal to tongue fuck me with a primal passion. I reached back with trembling hands and spread my asscheeks wide as he attacked my white-hot ass and cunt with his long, wide tongue.

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After my round ass was clean of all the sweet pussyjuice that had dripped down, Fezzik growled and bit my thigh just hard enough to draw blood. I screamed in pain as he yanked my body back onto the floor.

Before I could think, he mounted my shaking, terrified body. Frantically, he slammed at least seven inches of hot, thick doggie-cock into my cunt. My scream of pain and pleasure mixed with Fezzik’s chilling, primitive howl. Despite my cunt and thighs literally dripping with my pussyjuice, the ever-expanding girth was too thick for me to take, stretching me wider than I thought possible.

I nearly screamed again as he repeatedly rammed his massive member against my cervix. I’m sure the neighbors heard the sounds of my wet nightmares: huge, softball-sized balls slapping against human flesh, animalistic huffs and growls, erotic screams and fucked-out moans of a pubescent slut, and the harrowing, lust-filled howling of alpha conquering a submissive bitch.

I was truly his bitch in heat. The most masculine musk emanated from his hot, jacked torso. Losing my mind to my animal lover, I spread my legs instinctually to his massive knot. I pinched my nipples with one hand and begged to be impregnated with his fertile load. With his growing, baseball-sized knot slamming against my entrance, it felt like a jackhammer breaking my cunt in two.

Scraping my breasts, he roughly tightened his hold on my torso and forced his entire and significantly girthier and longer cock inside me in one violent violation. In time, our pants grew harder as white-hot cum pumped into my penetrated cervix. My alpha hopped off so that we were tail to ass and I collapsed from the sheer fullness. His swelling knot throbbed Against my G-spot, ripping out my first mind-melting orgasm of many.

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I’m sure I squirted Against his balls countless times over the next hour. Every jet of steaming doggie-cum pulsed into my womb sent me into vocal, powerful ecstasy. By the time Fezzik’s knot slipped out, my previously flat stomach resembled that of a extremely pregnant woman.

“Look what you did to me, ya stud?” I pointed laughing at my inflated belly.

Looking pleased with himself, the beast laid his head in my lap and started licking up the extra seed that spilled out of my cunt.

“Such a generous lover,” I giggled as he finally licked the peanut butter off my nipples.

My alpha attended to his own clean up. As I stripped from my torn, cum-stained dress, a sharp pang of pleasure flashed in my womb.

I gasped, “You didn’t knock me up, now, did you?” Fezzik waggled his tail in confirmation. I pinched my nipples hard in anticipation for my new puppies to milk me dry. The thought sent chills down my cunt.

Naked and exhausted, I was watching television with the beastial father of my litter until I caught a red light flashing in the corner of my eye. A camera sat in the bookshelf with a full view of my alpha and I.

I winked at it. “Hope, you enjoy, Mr. McDaniel. Title this one “Virgin Bitch Breeding”” I laughed deliriously.

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