Locked lips.

Hands finding where to rest &

Fingers going too wild.

I’m finding my breath in your aisle—

A path situated on your chest &

Feeling the thickness in your tits/I want to have those two mountains/

/ mangled on my tongue/

& feel that same magic that makes babies babble.

/A miracle is about to happen somewhere/southward/

And I heard Jesus turned water into wine/

/The last sermon I heard was about Moses parting the sea/

I want to see through this tunnel

& taste what aroma you’re made of/

Your tube is a garden/

& My flower is here to sprout/ I’m a

Missionary/ from 69 cities/ you may not understand

What language I speak but/ before this oral class ends/

Everything will carry a face of water & then

We won’t have to talk before we erupt/

In different voices but same language/ like Ocean & sea/

We still carry water in us.

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Abioye Samuel Akorede, Poet and 2018 Chrysolite Writer of the Year – First Runner-up. He is an undergraduate student in University of Jos. Some of his works have been featured in several anthologies & still forthcoming in magazines such as Parousia, EroGospel & myaceworld respectively. He’s someone who loves to watch it rain, look at the moon and everything natural.
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